Reflecting on Now Training’s Transformative Wellbeing Week

May 7, 2024 | Learning, Webinars, Wellbeing

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Psychological Safety

In the last week of April, Now Training hosted its much-anticipated Wellbeing Week, a vibrant series of webinars and workshops designed to enhance the personal and professional resilience of our attendees. The week was a testament to our commitment to supporting wellbeing and fostering a healthy work environment, providing valuable insights and tools to our participants. The Wellbeing Week kicked off on Monday with an introductory session on Psychological Safety by Sarah Williment. The well-attended webinar aimed to establish a foundational understanding of what psychological safety means in the workplace. Sarah deftly explained the concept and its critical role in fostering an inclusive, innovative organisational culture. Participants left the session with a clearer understanding of the four stages of psychological safety and equipped with strategies to overcome barriers to creating a psychologically safe environment.

Building Resilience with Expert Insights

Following the strong start, Tuesday’s session, led by Ursula Cameron, delved into Building Resilience. This session was particularly timely, as resilience is a skill many are seeking to improve in the current fast-paced, often unpredictable business landscape. Ursula explored the resilience spectrum and the pressure performance curve, providing attendees with actionable knowledge on how to enhance their personal and professional resilience. The interactive components of the session, including Q&A, were especially engaging, allowing participants to discuss their experiences and insights openly.

Enhancing Workplace Wellbeing: A Practical Approach

Wednesday brought a practical approach to enhancing workplace wellbeing with Sarah Jones’ webinar on Supporting the Wellbeing of Your Colleagues. Sarah’s extensive experience in organisational wellness shone through as she discussed the complexities of stress, resilience, and burnout. The training was not only informative but also highly applicable, offering tools such as stress risk assessments and practical coping strategies. The ‘ABC’ strategy—Awareness, Balance, and Control—was a highlight, providing a simple yet effective framework for managing workplace stress.

Comprehensive Learning and Positive Feedback

Each session throughout the week was meticulously planned to build on the last, creating a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that resonated with both individuals and teams. The discussions didn’t just focus on identifying issues but also emphasised actionable solutions that participants could immediately start implementing in their professional lives.

Looking Ahead: Future Implications and Resources

The feedback from the week was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to learn in such a supportive, open environment. The ability to interact with experts like Sarah Williment, Ursula Cameron, and Sarah Jones was frequently noted as a highlight.

In reflection, the success of Wellbeing Week at Now Training can be attributed to a few key factors. Firstly, the expertise and passion of the presenters made complex topics accessible and engaging. Secondly, the structure of the week encouraged progressive learning, where each session built upon the knowledge of the previous one. Finally, the real-time interaction and practical focus of the workshops ensured that the learning was not just theoretical but grounded in real-world application.

As we look forward to future events, the insights gained from this Wellbeing Week will undoubtedly influence how we continue to support and develop our training offerings. It’s clear that wellbeing is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of professional development that resonates deeply with today’s workforce.

For those who missed the live sessions, you can always sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when our next free training is on. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these resources to enhance their understanding and implementation of effective wellbeing strategies in their own organisations.

Lauren Jolly


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