Learning Vendor Management

Supplier management for large organisations can be time consuming and challenging. Many of our clients used to feel bombarded by lots of different suppliers; they would be chased for constant updates, new business, purchase orders, marketing emails and so on. Our independent learning vendor management service was created to alleviate these pressures.

Now Managed Learning Services’ clients can be confident that suppliers will be managed to inspire better learning, increase performance and provide measurable returns on investment.  The rest is taken care of by our learning vendor management team that can:20160505_154947

  • • Provide ongoing management of supplier relationships, whether introducing new suppliers or continuing with clients existing trusted suppliers.
  • • Seamlessly rationalise supplier networks and hand over contracts. This approach is both strategic and swift.
  • • Source relevant, innovative and cost effective suppliers.
  • • Our vendor management team are experts within the training industry and always look to create value. Our large range of clients and vast buying powers allow for strategic negotiations.
  • • Now Managed Learning Services never compromise on the quality of learning solutions. Our vendor management team ensure high levels of quality and consistency to achieve business development objectives and increase performance, all in line with the client’s company culture.

Now Learning Vendor Management provides you with:

  • • A single point of contact to ensure a consistent and reliable relationship.
  • • A closely managed network of approved suppliers.
  • • A highly skilled and motivated team that always look to negotiate and create value.