shed lightNow Training can save you valuable working hours in all areas of managing learning services.

Spending too long searching for a course?
Let Now Training search for you.
Not sure which course to select?
Ask for Now Training’s knowledgeable independent recommendations.
Having to process course administration, prepare reports and carry out evaluations?
Let Now Training do this for you.



Make indirect savings: Allow Now Training to free up the time you spend on external training administration. All you do is make one phone call or one email for any requirement.

Make direct savings: Use Now Training’s managed training service to receive discounts on the cost of the training programmes.



More choice of training available: Being independent we offer training based on your specific needs e.g. content, timescale, location and cost. As a result of 18 years evaluating training courses we have access to more independent information on training than any other organisation. We are, therefore, able to make informed choices when advising you on the best training options for you.



Now Training provides no training itself: We do not have to fill expensive training rooms, we do not have to pay trainer’s salaries nor do we have to hit targets, we will recommend only the best courses for your requirements. Our recommendations are completely unbiased.



Each company is treated individually with consistently high service levels: We can customise our managed training service levels so they will meet your requirements before starting a partnership.



Constant monitoring by both parties of the service levels allows actual results to be measured against planned results.



We carry out our own evaluations to assess the success rates of each course.