Benefits of Using
Managed Learning Services

Now Training offers to save you considerable time across various aspects of managing learning services.

Now Training provides a comprehensive range of benefits aimed at enhancing your learning management experience. Their services facilitate significant time savings in handling learning services, offer cost-effective strategies for both indirect and direct savings, and present a diverse choice of bespoke training options. Their hallmark of independence ensures impartial course recommendations. Excellence in tailored service delivery, consistent feedback assessment, and meticulous evaluations of course efficacy are core to their approach. Now Training’s holistic method streamlines the entire training management process, emphasising efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and high quality.

Benefits of managed learning services - Now Training
Benefits of managed learning services - Now Training

Now Training provides time-saving solutions for a range of learning service management tasks.

Tired of lengthy searches for the right course?
• Allow Now Training to handle the search on your behalf.

Uncertain about which course to choose?
• Seek Now Training’s expert and impartial advice.

Overwhelmed with course administration, report preparation, and evaluations?
• Trust Now Training to manage these tasks for you.

The Benefits


Save valuable working hours by letting Now Training handle course searching, selection, and administration, including report preparation and evaluations.


Make indirect savings by reducing the time spent on external training administration through a single phone call or email. Direct savings are also possible through discounts on training programmes offered by Now Training’s managed services.


Benefit from a wide variety of training options tailored to specific needs like content, timescale, location, and cost. With 18 years of experience in evaluating courses, Now Training provides informed and extensive training choices.


As Now Training doesn’t provide training itself, their recommendations are unbiased, focusing solely on selecting the best courses for your requirements without any obligation to fill training rooms or meet internal targets.

Excellence in Service Delivery

Customised service levels ensure that each company receives individual attention and high-quality service, meeting specific requirements for a successful partnership.


Service levels are constantly monitored, allowing for the comparison of actual results against planned outcomes.


Now Training conducts their own course evaluations to assess and ensure the success rates of each course they recommend.

Now Training Benefits

Let us take the strain…

Enhanced Time Management

With Now Training’s managed learning services, organisations can significantly reduce the time spent on managing learning processes. From identifying the right courses to enrolling participants, Now Training streamlines every aspect. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to focus their resources on core activities rather than the administrative burdens of training management. By delegating these tasks to Now Training, companies can ensure that their employees receive top-notch training without sacrificing internal productivity.


Opting for Now Training’s managed learning services can lead to substantial cost savings. By leveraging their expertise and network, Now Training can secure competitive rates and discounts on training programmes that might not be accessible to individual companies. Moreover, their efficient management reduces the likelihood of costly administrative errors or inefficient resource allocation. This aspect of the service is ideal for organisations aiming to maximise their training budgets and achieve more with less financial outlay.

Tailored Training Solutions

Now Training excels in providing bespoke training solutions that cater to the specific needs of a business. Whether it’s about the content, timing, location, or cost, they tailor their services to match the unique requirements of each client. This customisation ensures that the training is not only relevant and effective but also aligns perfectly with the organisation’s objectives and workforce development goals. Such a personalised approach is crucial for companies seeking to foster a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Quality Assurance and Independent Advice

At the heart of Now Training’s services is a commitment to quality and independent, unbiased advice. Their managed learning services include thorough evaluations of training courses, ensuring that clients receive recommendations for only the highest quality programmes. This independence means that their advice is always in the best interest of the client, not tied to any specific training provider. For businesses, this translates into peace of mind, knowing that their training investments are sound, well-researched, and align with industry best practices