Our Core Values

Established in 1997, our organisation is driven by six core values that shape our culture and guide our decision-making towards our vision. These include a commitment to personal and organisational development (Care), delivering outstanding customer service and learning solutions (Customer Service), fostering innovation (Creativity), striving for excellence and continuous improvement (Continuous Improvement with Quality), collaborative working (Collaboration), and creating value by understanding and meeting client needs (Create Value). These principles not only set us apart but also reinforce our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Now Training Managed Learning Services Core Values

Six Core Values

Care is at the centre of our culture

Our six core values have grown since 1997 and define our culture; they differentiate us and guide us towards taking the right decisions to drive us towards our vision.

Value 1


This involves a deep commitment to the development of people, finding immense satisfaction in aiding organisations and their members in reaching their full potential.

Value 2

Customer Service

We are dedicated to consistently providing exceptional service and the finest learning solutions, focusing attentively on the wants and needs of our clients, and striving to exceed their expectations.

Value 3


Born from a spirit of innovation, our business began with the pioneering introduction of the first independent managed learning service, fostering an environment where innovative ideas can flourish.

Value 4

Continuous Improvement with Quality

We endeavour to deliver excellence at the first attempt and on every subsequent occasion, continuously seeking new ideas to enhance the service and solutions we offer to our customers.

Value 5


We believe in working in harmony with colleagues, clients, and suppliers, offering cooperation and support to achieve both our business and personal goals.

Value 6

Creating Value

By thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs, we offer great value, recommending the most suitable solutions at competitive rates.

Now Training Managed Learning Services Core Values & Planning
Now Training Managed Learning Services Core Values & Planning