Sourcing Learning

Finding the right supplier can sometimes feel like a bit of a lottery. There are thousands of suppliers that all claim to provide the best learning solutions, which caused many of our clients to feel lost. They would settle for the same old suppliers because they were familiar and or even turn to google to source new suppliers. Now Managed Learning Services understands the pressures on learning professionals to source good external suppliers as they reflect on the in-house learning teams reputation.

Our learning vendor management team can help source the right suppliers to optimise performance, align with business objectives and provide measurable returns on investment. Since 1997 we have booked with over 3000 suppliers, with 100,000s delegate evaluations, so our UK wide reach and understanding of all subject areas is unprecedented. Our Managed Learning Software, Now-BRAINS, collates the evaluations and course feedback to provide qualitative and quantitative data, which is used by our expert team of advisors to source proven suppliers.20160505_155041

Now Managed Learning Service is independent. Our learning advisors are not restricted to any providers or by our own technology and products; our only bias is towards sourcing the right suppliers. This means our clients can expect:

  • Expertise: The breadth and depth of our knowledge is vast. Our advisors source learning across all subject areas and every county. By using Now-BRAINS to identify a wide range of approved suppliers our people can source intelligence from the whole market.
  • Innovation: Now Managed Learning Service advisors are committed to sourcing new ideas and creative learning solutions. Our independence and UK wide reach affords access to the most advanced and leading-edge suppliers.
  • Consistency and Control: Large organisations with many employees, often across multiple sites, require consistent levels of certification, standards and processes. Now Managed Learning Services supports these defined company-wide goals by sourcing the right learning, in the right locations, at the right time. This also provides a greater control over learning outcomes and total spend.
  • Quality Delivery: Identifying the right platform for learning is crucial and our advisors always source learning with this in mind. Now Managed Learning Services sources the right supplier to provide quality delivery and optimise performance across all learning platforms, from traditional to leading-edge. These include, but are not limited to: classroom, instructor led, blended, virtual, web-based, digital, virtual reality, performance simulation and other advanced technological solutions.