Learning Consultancy

Navigating Modern Learning Challenges & Adapting to Rapid Learning Trends

The fast-paced evolution in learning and development trends is putting a strain on many companies. With technologies and qualifications quickly becoming outdated, finding credible, relevant information and expert guidance is time-consuming.

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Now Training Managed Learning Services

Learning Consultancy

External Expertise from Now Managed Learning Services We stay abreast of learning and development trends, offering external expertise in all subject areas, especially when specific knowledge is not available in-house.

Now Managed Learning Service stands out for its independence. Our advisors are not limited to specific providers or our own technology and products; our sole commitment is to find the most suitable suppliers. Clients can therefore expect:

    Consultancy Services Offered

      Learning Analysis

      We help clients assess their current performance, identify strengths and gaps, and recommend agile learning solutions aligned with strategic company goals.

      Initial Assessments and Benchmarking

      Our consultants assist in building or improving learning strategies, catering to both advanced and newly established frameworks.

      Expert Advice

      As an independent company, we offer unbiased, well-informed insights to inspire better learning.

      Measuring Success

      We develop measurement strategies to evaluate the impact of learning, aiding clients in making informed decisions to optimise learning and assess ROI.

      Digital Learning Trends

      Our consultants continuously review emerging technologies and unique suppliers, ensuring our recommendations are current and innovative.

      Unique Position in the Market

      Our independence as a managed training service provider grants us access to a wide market, unbound by specific technologies or training. Our extensive relationships with suppliers since 1997 introduce us to various digital learning options, shared with clients from a neutral standpoint.

        Cutting-Edge Learning Consultancy

        Our evaluations and experiences equip our consultants with the expertise to make the most appropriate learning recommendations, positioning our consultancy at the forefront of the industry.

          Additional Consultancy Services

          Managed Learning Projects and RFPs

          Assistance with supplier selection, including shortlisting and attending meetings or conferences.

          Curriculum Management and Programme Design

          70:20:10 Model Application: Supporting both formal and informal learning, aligning with the 70:20:10 principles to help individuals confidently choose the right training.


          Offering tools like 16 Personalities, Myers Briggs, DiSC, and Insights.


          Utilising models like Kirkpatrick and Kaufman.

          360-Degree Feedback

          Implementing comprehensive feedback mechanisms.