Learning Consultancy

Many companies are feeling the strain of the accelerated pace of learning and development trends. By the time new technologies are introduced or certifications are acquired, the next big thing is out and that technology or qualification starts looking outdated. Reaching out to find the right place, to contact the right expert, to gather the most credible and relevant information can be very time consuming.

Now Managed Learning Services stay on the pulse of learning and development; our clients can use our external expertise, across all subject areas, when the required knowledge is not in-house or readily available to them. Our consultants can support clients with:

  • Learning analysis: Now Managed Learning Services helps clients to identify the realities of current performance; the strengths and development gaps. We then define what the optimal level of performance looks like and recommend agile learning solutions, in line with company-wide strategies, that can help to reach the targeted level of performance and long term objectives.
  • Initial assessments and benchmarking: Our consultants are available to help clients build innovative learning strategies, whether making recommendations to improve an already robust and advanced strategy, or advising how to build a new one.
  • Expert advice: Now Managed Learning Services is an independent company. This allows our learning consultants to provide clients with well informed and unbiased insights. Our team is highly motivated and enthusiastic about helping to inspire better learning.
  • Measuring success: Our learning consultants help to develop measurement strategies to identify the impact of learning. Clients can then make informed and strategic decisions to optimise learning and measure their return on investment.
  • Digital: Now Managed Learning Services is aware that digital learning is developing faster than ever. Staying up to date with the latest trends is crucial to reaching business objectives and employee engagement. Our consultants constantly review the latest technologies and unique suppliers to ensure our recommendations are not only current, but innovative too.
    As an independent managed training service provider we find ourselves in a very fortunate and unique position. While some managed learning service providers are restricted to their own technologies and training, we have access to the whole market. Through the vast number of supplier relationships we have formed since 1997, we are constantly introduced to new and exciting types of digital learning. In turn we can share these with our clients from a completely vendor and cost neutral standpoint.
    Our evaluations and first-hand experiences provide us with access to consultants with the knowledge and understanding to make the most appropriate learning recommendations. This puts our learning consultancy right on the leading edge.
  • • Managed learning projects and RFP’s: Our consultants can provide a list of potential suppliers, assist with shortlisting and sit in on the meetings, conferences or WebEx’s of the shortlisted suppliers.
  • • Curriculum management and programme design
  • • 70:20:10: This serves as a useful model for learning and development. Now Managed Learning Services understands the importance of and supports both formal and informal learning from traditional and digital programmes. Our vision sees “people easily and confidently choosing the right training”, at the right time, and our strategic approach is in alignment with the 70:20:10 principles.
  • • Psychometrics (16 Personalities, Myers Briggs, DiSC, Insights)
  • • Evaluations (Kirkpatrick, Kaufman)
  • • 360 degrees