Curriculum Management Services

Aligning Learning with Business Goals: The Role of Now Managed Learning Services

The Challenge for Learning and Development Learning and development departments are facing increasing pressure to align educational strategies with business objectives, aiming for measurable performance improvements and high ROI

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Curriculum Management Services

Collaborative Curriculum and Catalogue Management with Now Managed Learning Services
We work alongside clients to effectively plan, develop, and manage the implementation of learning curriculums and catalogues.

Strategic Planning

Since 1997, Now Managed Learning Services has been refining curriculum management strategies. Our focus is on aligning learning strategies with clients’ business goals through meticulous planning, ensuring an increase in performance.

Innovative Creation

Our independent service model allows the integration of in-house trainers and leading suppliers from various subject areas into the curriculum. Unlike other providers constrained by their own resources, we have unrestricted access to the entire market, prioritising optimal learning outcomes for clients. Our experience, coupled with the industry-leading Now-BRAINS software, enables our advisors to select top suppliers, creating unmatched value for our clients.

Efficient Delivery

Our Now-CAT catalogue serves as a comprehensive tool in delivering learning curriculums. It allows users to view, book, and inquire about courses, seamlessly integrating with existing LMS, intranets, and other client technologies.