Managed Learning Software 

Commitment to Excellence in Managed Learning Software

Now Managed Learning Services is deeply committed to offering top-tier managed learning software, fully acknowledging the importance of quality software and efficient processes in today’s fast-paced learning environment. To meet this commitment, our dedicated team is actively engaged in continuous testing, development, and enhancement of our software solutions. This ongoing process is key to ensuring that the services we provide are not only agile and adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the training and development sector but also steadfastly reliable. By focusing on the refinement of our software, we aim to deliver an experience that seamlessly integrates with the varied needs of our clients, ensuring a streamlined, efficient, and effective learning management process.

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Managed Learning Software

Now Managed Learning Services prioritizes high-quality, efficient software to meet the dynamic needs of today’s learning environment. Through continuous testing and development, our team ensures our software is agile, adaptable, and reliable, catering to the evolving demands of training and development. This commitment results in a seamless, efficient learning management experience tailored to our clients’ diverse needs.

Now Training Managed Learning Services

Now-CAT: Customisable Online Learning Catalogue

    • Now-CAT is our pioneering online learning catalogue and booking system, leading the corporate learning market.
    • Fully adaptable to client preferences, it displays courses from chosen suppliers, with options for excluding certain providers and showing pre-negotiated costs.
    • It allows department-specific course visibility and up-to-date course information for direct booking.
    • Integrated with company intranets for ease of access, Now-CAT’s interface can be customised to match corporate branding.
    • Suitable for displaying client’s own instructor-led courses.
    • Offers a versatile course search function based on various criteria, including a facility for requesting non-listed courses.
    • Compatible with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), aiding in managing public scheduled course dates.
    • Functions as an e-commerce solution, compatible with procurement systems as a PunchOut catalogue.
    • Can be employed as an E-Purchasing system, streamlining the ordering process and reducing paperwork.
Now Training Managed Learning Services

Now-BRAINS: Comprehensive Learning Management System

    • Now-BRAINS, our ‘Booking Resourcing Administration and Information System’, is a bespoke tool for learning administration, curriculum management, and vendor management.
    • It streamlines workflow from enquiry to management information, handling day-to-day processes efficiently.
    • Our team continuously updates and refines Now-BRAINS for optimal processing of large transaction volumes and enhanced customer service.
    • Built on SQL server and available in a browser version, it’s specially designed for Now Managed Learning Services.
    • Now-BRAINS is licensable to large organisations, offering robust support in learning administration and vendor management, and is currently licensed to a global corporation.