Managed Learning Software

Now Managed Learning Services recognises the need for having quality software and processes. Our team continually test, develop and improve these to ensure that we provide an agile and reliable service.


Our online learning catalogue and booking system, which we call Now-CAT, is the first and market leading corporate learning catalogue.

  • • Now-CAT is fully customisable.
  • • Now-CAT will display selected courses from a clients preferred training suppliers at the locations required, it can exclude others, and it can show list and discounted costs. These can be pre-negotiated costs.
  • • Now-CAT can be configured to allow different departments to see only the courses they would be interested in.
  • • Now-CAT’s course information is up to date so clients can book courses directly from it.
  • • Now-CAT can be accessed from a company’s intranet via a link and the look can be customised and branded with a corporate image.
  • • Now-CAT can be used to display a client’s own instructor led courses.
  • • Now-CAT courses can be searched using many criteria, such as key words, location, training provider, time scales and cost.
  • • Now-CAT has a course search facility to request non-listed training courses.
  • • Now-CAT can be used alongside a client’s learning management systems (LMS), which is particularly helpful with handling thousands of public scheduled course dates.
  • • Now-CAT can deliver an e-commerce solution – it can be used with procurement systems as a PunchOut catalogue.
  • • Now-CAT can be used as an E-Purchasing system, reducing the need to produce expensive purchase orders and invoices to a range of different suppliers.


Our ‘Booking Resourcing Administration and INformation System’, which we call Now-BRAINS, is a bespoke customisable learning administration, curriculum management and learning vendor management system. It provides workflow functionality from enquiry to management information and is used to manage all day-to-day processes.

Our team continually test, develop and improve Now-BRAINS to ensure that Now Managed Learning Services can seamlessly process large volumes of transactions, whilst maximising efficiency and customer service.

Now-BRAINS is a SQL server based system designed for Now Managed Learning Services. A browser version is also available.

Now-BRAINS can be licenced to large organisations to assist with learning administration, curriculum management and learning vendor management. It is currently licenced to a global corporation.