Administration &  Support Services

Streamlined and Efficient for Large Organisations

Understanding the complexities of training administration in large organisations, our Now Managed Learning Services are designed to excel under the pressure of managing thousands of enquiries, courses, and participant details. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, skilled personnel, and efficient processes, we offer a robust solution to these demanding tasks.

Now Training Managed Learning Services - Administration and Support Services
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Admin & Support Services 

Our UK-based external training administration service, known as ‘Now-ETA’, has consistently enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. The services under Now-ETA include:

Now Training Managed Learning Services

Expert Administration & Streamlined Processes:

Leveraging our comprehensive Managed Learning Software ‘Now-BRAINS’, we offer seamless learning management. Our in-house administration team is adept at swiftly and efficiently handling all aspects of training administration, ensuring a smooth process for our clients.

Accurate and Efficient Enquiry Processing

Our team is trained to process enquiries, course confirmations, purchase orders, invoices, evaluations, and management information with precision and speed. We emphasize prompt, friendly communication, always asking the right questions at the right times.

Reliable Support Services

Our support services team, based in-house, is readily available to assist before, during, and after the learning process. Acting as a single point of contact, they ensure reliability and consistency in all communications, building trust and fostering strong relationships with clients.

Now-ETA and Support Services offer:

    Exceptional Administration & Customer Service

    We set industry standards in training administration and customer support.

    Tailored Service Level Agreements

    We create bespoke processes to meet special needs, ensuring rapid and effective management control.

    Tailored Service Level Proactive Response to Training Requests

    We promptly address non-catalogue and in-house training requests.

    Comprehensive Management Information

    Our detailed reports provide insights into total training spend and return on investment, aiding in identifying learning needs based on individual and company requirements.

    Cost Savings with Now-ETA and Support Services:

      Time Efficiency in Administration

      Our services significantly reduce the time your team spends on administrative tasks.

      Reduced Overall Administration Costs

      By streamlining processes, we lower the costs associated with training administration.

      Consolidated Monthly Invoicing

      Our system enables the convenience of a single, consolidated invoice each month, further reducing administrative burden.