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Does Now Training Provide Training Courses?

No. Now Training is a Managed Training Service Company. We only source training course for our customers.

Now Training, a Managed Training Service Company, specialises in sourcing training courses for its clients. Their role is to identify and provide the most appropriate training options available, tailored to each client's specific requirements. This service ensures that businesses and individuals receive relevant and effective training solutions without the burden of navigating through the vast and often complex landscape of training providers. By utilising their expertise and extensive network, Now Training streamlines the course selection process, offering a seamless and efficient experience for their clients.

Does that mean Training courses will cost more?

No, any course you book with us will never cost more than booking directly.

Will you save me money on the cost of booking courses?

We aim to pass on savings to our clients on course costs, and our single invoice system can help reduce the money spent on processing invoices. Now Training strives to transfer savings on course costs to our clients, with our single invoice approach potentially lowering the expenses associated with invoice processing, thereby enhancing cost efficiency.

When will I receive joining instructions for the training course?

Course bookings are typically confirmed around two weeks before the start date, unless a different arrangement is requested.

How is quality of training providers controlled?

Delegates complete an evaluation at the end of the course attended. This data is stored and analysed by Now Training. We only recommend courses that consistently score highly.

I am moving into e-Procurement. Can you interface with my systems?

Now Training has Now-CAT which is an electronic training catalogue covering all the providers you elect to operate with and their relevant courses. There is a full OBI-compliant output that can interface with your e-procurement systems.

Can we buy online?

Yes, Now Training offers the original and market-leading Now-CAT for training purchasing. This is just one of the methods available. When creating your Service Level Agreement, we'll explore your preferred purchasing methods. Whether it's a phone call or an intranet-integrated solution, we'll collaborate with you to save time and money and enhance the quality of your training.

I have difficulty finding courses. Can you help?

Yes, our customer service team is readily available to assist with any course requirements you may have. Alternatively, you can conduct the search yourself using Now-CAT.

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