What is a Managed Learning Service? The Now Training Definition

A Managed Learning Service ‘refers to the outsourced management of training activities and/or processes’ (trainingindustry.com).

At Now Training, we define our independent Managed Learning Service as one that provides support to organisations to; source, procure, administrate, evaluate and provide management information on learning.

With over 24 years’ experience as a Managed Learning Service, we have booked with over 4000 training providers, making us a truly independent and unbiased partner. Our services are bespoke to our clients needs and our recommendations are supported by 100,000s of delegate course evaluations.

Now Training Managed Learning Services

Our culture at Now Training is that we care. We are passionate about supporting our customers to achieve their learning and performance goals. We’ve dedicated our time to perfecting our Managed Learning Services so our processes from enquiry to invoice and course evaluation to MI are streamlined and super-efficient, saving clients both time and money at every part of the process.

If you would like more information on the benefits of using our Managed Learning Services, please contact us here or call 01920 460 211.

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