“People easily and confidently choosing the right training”


We started Now Training with a disruptive innovation by launching the first independent Managed Learning Service to create a ‘new service and value network’. Our mission: to shake up the existing training marketplace to provoke great service improvements in ways that the training industry did not expect.



1997 – We identified frustrations with the sourcing of training, with many people not feeling confident they had made the right decisions in terms of content, duration and cost.

With thousands of training providers selling directly to organisations, it was too easy to make costly mistakes. The system was time consuming and inefficient for both buyers and sellers. We saw an exciting opportunity to encourage and instigate positive change and were inspired to develop a better way to source and buy the right training.

By the end of 1997 we had taken our first steps; we engaged with training providers, we designed and introduced an independent managed training/learning service for organisations and we released the first online catalogue of rated training courses from competing training providers to the UK market.

NOW – A managed learning service has become the preferred choice for many organisations with Now Training’s independent MLS being used as the model for other companies entering the marketplace.

For individuals booking courses, our online catalogue, helps people to source and book the right training to meet their needs.


Now Training’s original strap line “A better way to buy the right training” has come to fruition.  It is our belief that the training industry is reaching a ‘tipping point’ and our vision of people easily and confidently choosing the right training is being realised throughout the UK.


Managed Learning Services

What can Now Training do for you?

For organisations, the full range of managed learning services can be found at

  • Managed Learning Service*
  • Sourcing Learning
  • Learning Vendor Management
  • Training Administration
  • Learning Consultancy
  • Managed Learning Software

For individuals, Now Training’s market leading learning portal which can be found at  is helping people to source and book the right training to meet their needs.

*Managed Learning Service (MLS): To provide valuable support to organisations looking for specialist help to source, procure, administrate, evaluate and report on learning.



Founders and Management Team

  • Tony Meyer – MD/Sales
  • Fiona Meyer – Director and HR/SD
  • Liz Butler – Finance/Quality
  • Rachel Chambers – Customer Service
  • Michelle Herbert – Customer Service/SD
  • Sarah Benson – Customer Service/SD
  • George Meyer – Service Delivery/CS
  • Catherina Gorski – Service Delivery/CS
  • Sydney Ellis – Service Delivery/CS
  • Jonathan Bibby – Business Development/Sales
  • Wilkins Kennedy – Financial Support
  • Jeremy Tilson – IT Support
  • Alan Perkins – Coursebookers
  • Brian Chernett – NED

Trainers, Coaches, Speakers, L&D professionals and Consultants from 3,000 plus organisations