Now-ETA (External Training Administration)

Now Training’s Now-ETA solution provides you with a fully managed training service for the procurement and administration of training.

Our Managed Training Service designs the best business process for the efficient management and implementation of your training strategy.

The Now-ETA managed training solution will plan to increase your operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness because we can:

  • Provide you with a single process for sourcing, validating, procuring, administrating and evaluating all your training with measurable service levels.
  • Streamline accurate course information from a single source.
  • Track your total training spend.
  • Deliver you an e-commerce solution through our customised Now-CAT training catalogue.
  • Consolidate your departmental spend to negotiate better pricing and service levels.
  • Provide you with regular, accurate management reporting.
  • Provide a high level of business consultancy.
  • Save you money!

Now-ETA customer service provides you with:

  • High levels of ongoing consistent customer service.
  • Unique Service Level Agreement.
  • Maximum choice through our supplier base of quality providers.
  • Customised processes for your special onsite needs.
  • Recommended courses based on years of evaluation feedback.
  • Control management – feedback, cancellations, authorisation, rescheduling.
  • Immediate response to your non-catalogue training requests.
  • Immediate response to your in-house training requests.
  • Fast problem resolution.
  • Customised blended learning solutions determined by your needs.

Now-ETA saves you money by:

  • Offering discounts on the cost of courses.
  • Saving you time in sourcing and procuring
  • Reducing your overall administration costs
  • Being able to merge your expensive invoicing into one invoice per month.
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