Administration and Support Services

Training administration for large organisations can be a daunting task, processing thousands of enquiries, courses, delegates and queries. Now Managed Learning Services was created with this in mind and has all the technologies, people and processes to thrive under these demands.

Now Managed Learning Service’s UK based external training administration service, which we call ‘Now-ETA’, has proven to increase client’s operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our training administration, catalogue management and support services include:

  • • Administrative expertise and fluidity. Our comprehensive Managed Learning Software, ‘Now-BRAINS’, complements our streamlined learning processes and expert in-house administration team to easily and rapidly handle clients training administration.
  • • Efficient and accurate processing of enquiries, course confirmations, purchase orders, invoices, evaluations and management information. Our people are trained to be diligent, asking the right questions at the right time, to ensure swift and friendly communications.
  • • Now Managed Learning support services are easily contactable and always available to help; before, during and after learning has taken place. They are based in-house and provide a single point of contact, which provides our clients with reliability and consistency; allowing trust to build and relationships to flourish. With this, we make it a priority to adopt the culture of our clients in all communications with their people and on their behalf.

Now-ETA and Support Services provides you with:

  • • Industry leading administration and customer service.
  • • Unique Service Level Agreement, with bespoke processes for special needs.
  • • Rapid and intelligent control management; feedback, cancellations, authorisation, queries and problems are dealt with in line with client expectations.
  • • Immediate response to your non-catalogue training requests and in-house training requests.
  • • Regular, accurate and intelligent management information. This helps clients to track total training spend and view their return on investment.
  • • Our comprehensive reports help management to identify learning based on individual requirements and company needs.

Now-ETA and Support Services saves you money by:

  • • Saving you time on administration
  • • Reducing your overall administration costs
  • • Enabling you to have a monthly consolidated invoice