Be the change! Race Talks – Candid Conversations Webinar

At Now Training we gave our customers the opportunity to join MPI‘s recent webinar, Race Talks. This powerful webinar was hosted by MPI’s Jerry Brown alongside master coaches, Dr Angela Armstrong and Florence Ainsworth, who facilitate the Race Talks program.

In summary, “Race Talks is all about building confidence and capability through engaging in meaningful dialogue about race.

The purpose of the program is to ignite individuals and groups to co-create inclusive work environments where everyone can perform and do their best work effectively without bending themselves out of shape to fit in.

Race Talks gives individuals the opportunity to be transparent about their feelings and how they work with individuals, teams and organisations.” (Dr Angela Armstrong)

We found it so engaging we wanted to give you an insight into what the program is about and the chance to watch the webinar recording.

After watching, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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